Adam Crigger


Satisfactory Development and design

Concocted by a human being on Earth

Services for favors and/or dollars

Primarily motivated by the spirit of exploration

Short-term avant-garde projects

Futhering awareness of artists and altruists


    • Befriending Wandering Dogs
    • Doodle-based Hounds
    • Pug Grumbles
    • Soul Samples
    • Marvin Gaye Interpolations
    • Three Stacks
    • Running for Funyuns
    • Freestyle Frolicking
    • Mid-jog Stout Stops
    • The US National Park System
    • Appalachian Peaks
    • Trail and Chex Mixes
    • Unconventional Snack Pairings
    • Emulsified Cheese
    • Cooking Outside
    • Both Coasts IPAs
    • Floyd-roasted Coffee
    • Session Tallboys