Whether it's web stuff or real life— I'm going in. Focused on clean, bold, & useful design for humans.

I'm most comfortable when I'm developing a brand, designing a gig poster, or keying ⌘ + S in a Sassy CSS partial to reap the rewards of changing a $variable. Most of the things that I make start as doodles from a Pilot Precise v5 pen, and bleed through the pages of a squared Moleskine notebook. I tend to design websites in browsers rather than Photoshop. These days, I'm updating DNS records more often than I plug in my drawing tablet.

The Skinny

  • Full Name: Adam Benjamin Crigger
  • Trade: Designer/Developer
  • Pro Career: 2010 - Present
  • Employed by: BIG Communications
  • Available for: Coffee or Beer

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Adam B. Crigger

Designer & Front-End Developer


I've been drawing my entire life and drawing as the base of my career for the past five years. I've focused on turning wireframe sketches into interactive websites for the last couple of years. I prefer to take my time on a project and do it right; then brush my shoulders off and get on to the next one. I'd be glad to bring my aesthetic and experience to your next project, for money.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Validated HTML5
  • CSS3 via SASS/SCSS
  • Wordpress CMS & Theme Development

Work Experience

  • Interactive Achievement
    Senior Graphic Designer
    July 2014 - February 2016

    As a part of the Marketing Team, I was the sole web designer and developer for our family of marketing sites. Additionally, I managed design and development of our customer service self-help and support sites. I existed to build and maintain our brand across every platform. As we grew, that meant taking on a more development-heavy role, with print and illustration work sprinkled on like parmesan.

    Graphic Designer
    April 2011 - July 2014

    Primary responsibility was to create custom illustrations for assessment content. This often spanned a variety of styles, as the grade / subject / writer varied on a daily basis. A project-based workload allowed me to work on brand collateral or user interface research and development intermittently. Eventually, I was splitting my time between the assessment content and marketing teams.

  • Acute Designs
    Graphic Designer
    October 2010 - April 2011

    Worked in a production heavy environment with client direction to develop custom artwork for apparel. Independently created artwork for apparel sold within storefront.

  • Roanoke Civic Center
    Marketing Intern
    July 2010 - October 2010

    Assisted in development and production of marketing campaigns and branding for the premier event venue in Southwest Virginia.

  • Freelance
    Creative Director
    January 2010 - Present

    Websites, logos, and for a mentionable stretch of time— cycling apparel... I've been around the block a bit and helped out a variety of local folks and internet strangers alike.


  • Virginia Western
    A.A.S. - Communication Design
    Graduated 2011

    Developed a strong understanding of design principles, rooted in studio work, but with an emphasis on digital production. Set the pace for a work ethic that I embrace to this day.

Natively Virginian; currently Bamaman.

I grew up and learned how to treat a lady in Southwestern Virginia. The Roanoke Valley was always good to me, but I recently took a sabbatical from the lover's commonwealth to give the deeper end of the South a try— Birmingham, Alabama. I miss seeing the Appalachian Mountains on the horizon, but I've come to enjoy the burgeoning local food and beer scene of my new town.

How about you take a gander at my bike or maybe my dog?

Name of: OchoOcho

Name of: Dempsey

Who they attracting with that line, "What's your name? What's your sign?" Soon as they buy that wine, I just creep up from behind...

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